The Benefits of a Genuine Lucite Acrylic Tub


Here at Comfortflo, we use genuine Lucite acrylic to manufacture our tubs. It may not seem like an important difference at first, but when you consider the benefits, the choice of using Lucite for the surface of our tub is significant.

First of all, Lucite provides a beautiful high-gloss finish to our tubs. You can choose from a variety of colors, so your tub can coordinate with the rest of your bathroom design. Next, the color is incorporated throughout the sheet of acrylic, not just on the surface. This mean should you get a scratch on the surface of your tub, you can buff it out. Other tubs may have only a thin acrylic coating sprayed on, which means a scratch in the surface can’t be buffed out without creating more damage to it. Porcelain surfaces are also hard to repair once they’re scratched or chipped, making them a less desirable finish for tubs.

Lucite is also stain-resistant and is meant to withstand general wear and tear. The surface is also resistant to fading from UVA exposure, so the color will stay true to its original one. It can also withstand harsh weather and many household chemicals. Its easy to clean and maintain. The surface is non-porous so dirt won’t accumulate Plus, it is 100 % recyclable.



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