“Friction” Heaters don’t work

Hi Pete,

I know you have been looking for information on “friction” heaters and the performance comparison to using a “real” electric heater.  It is unfortunate that some of your competitors are using this gimmick and trying to sell it as a “real” heater with any heating capability in jetted tubs when it has no value at all to the consumer.  Passing the water through a fitting, even if it is molded in red, will have no effect on increasing or maintaining the temperature in a jetted bath tub. It will be exactly the same as having no heater on the tub at all.

Unfortunately, the consumer needs to be reminded that there are NO devices for sale for any application in the commercial or residential markets that provide free heat.  Heat can only be generated by changing one energy (Gas, Solar, Electricity, Coal etc…) into heat. If the “friction” heater worked, hot water heaters worldwide would use this method and would not need to be operated by an energy medium.

If there is anything more we can provide to help you combat this gimmick please let us know.  The only way to maintain heat in a jetted tub without constantly adding hot water is to use a “real” electric heater that can maintain the water temperature and extend the comfort zone of the bather.


Jerri Freed

VP Spa & Bath OEM Sales




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