Comfortflo, Who We Are….

Many American businesses get their start in a garage or dorm room. Comfortflo Whirlpool Bath products is an example of the American Dream being realized.  Our start was in a former mechanic’s garage in Tennessee, in the mid 1980s.   With hard work, diligence, and a fierce passion for quality and customer service our founders grew the business from those humble beginnings to a business that now sells nationwide to America’s largest Home Improvement Retailers and Direct to Consumer.  Those same principles that led us to evolve from a small manufacturer working out of a mechanic’s garage to one producing thousands of tubs annually in our one acre manufacturing facility continue to guide us today as they have for the past 30+years.

Quality is Our driving factor

From the beginning, quality was the driving factor in the products Comfortflo produced.  Before the days of disposable everything, the only way to build a long lasting legacy business was with quality products fairly priced Understanding this, our founders recognized and adopted the following business philosophy, “we might not ever be the biggest manufacturer, but there is nothing stopping us from being the best.”

Now, 30+ years later, our second generation owners even more fervently embrace this seemingly simple, business attitude.  At Comfortflo, we continue to strive to make every bath product the best it can be and to sell it at a price most people can afford.  We still practice that old fashioned business principle that made America great.

As Henry Ford once said: “a quality product, fairly priced, leads to success.

The nation’s largest retailers have been selling Comfortflo products with confidence for years. Many contractors, developers and hoteliers wouldn’t use any other brand bath product in their projects.  We continue to build the highest quality tubs possible and to sell them at prices to fit every budget.  We’re proud of our legacy of trouble free performance, beautiful design, and reliability.  We’re proud of our commitment to innovative design, quality, and comfort that embody our brand.

Genuine Customer Service

When you call Comfortflo to inquire or get help with one of our premium quality tubs, you will not be routed through an automated voice messaging system.  You will speak one with a sales manager (not a robot) that knows our product inside-and-out.  Many large manufacturers make it exceedingly difficult to get in touch with an actual person, much less one who understands their own products.  We have to earn your business!

Thank-You for Your Interest and Business!

We have sincere gratitude for our customers who place their trust in the quality and comfort our tubs deliver.  Thank-you for your interest and time in Comfortflo.  Lastly, we are proud of our roots and our ability to keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S.A.

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