About Comfortflo Whirlpool Baths

The Comfortflo Whirlpool Baths line of quality bathtubs, was developed to fill the need for a high quality whirlpool bath. Utilizing  the very best components available in the whirlpool bath industry. While at the same time, providing quality fixtures at a price everyone can afford.


We build every Comfortflo Whirlpool Bath with genuine Lucite acrylic designed exclusively for the whirlpool bath industry, giving you the very best and most durable tub available today… and you can have your choice of Lucite’s many colors and patterns.

Unlike fiberglass tubs that only have a very thin skin of sprayed on jell coat color, our tubs have a thick durable outer surface of Lucite acrylic. This means your whirlpool bath can be kept new looking for years and years. Scratches and other normal wear and related surface damage can be buffed out without any danger of wearing through the color layer. You can’t do that with a fiberglass tub because the surface is essentially painted on.


Comfortflo Whirlpool Baths feature a solid steel base to ensure your tub’s base will last as long as you own your tub. Manufacturers of low cost or contractor grade tubs use plastic or wood bases that warp, break, rattle, or rot leading to costly tub replacement.

Steel pump base for durability and a long-lasting whirlpool tub.

Comfortflo Whirlpool Bath’s steel base & motor mount never rots, warps, sags, or molds

Wood base on whirlpool results in rot.

Other manufacturers’ wood motor base usually rots, warps, sags, or molds


Unlike other manufacturers, Comfortflo Whirlpool Baths use no flexible piping (that can rot or hold dirty water) in the supply lines of our bathtubs. Studies have shown that water held in sagging flex pipes is a breeding ground for infectious bacteria. Every tub Comfortflo Whirlpool Bath features code approved Schedule 40 PVC piping in all the supply and return lines.

Rigid piping is the single most important feature to consider when purchasing a whirlpool bath.  If you buy a tub with flex hose you WILL regret it.

Comfortflo Whirlpool Bath water supply and return pipe is heated with custom molding to ensure each pipe drains properly.  This guarantees that every bath you take has only fresh clean water.

Comfortflo PVC 40 Pipe waterlines

Comfortflo Whirlpool Bath’s
code approved schedule 40pvc
drains completely after every bath

Whirlpool using schedule 40 pvc

Other manufacturers’
not code approved
flex hose sags and holds dirty water.


1.5 hp whirlpool pump

Comfortflo Whirlpool Bathtubs are equipped with a quiet, powerful 1.5 horsepower, high volume pump designed especially for whirlpool use. Manufactured by one of America’s oldest pump companies, our pumps have proven to be virtually trouble free for the life of your whirlpool.  In fact, they’re so reliable we give you a lifetime “no questions asked” pump warrant.

Should your pump ever need service or replacement it is easily disconnected by unscrewing the quick disconnect unions.

Quality You Can Trust!

Comfortflo Whirlpool Baths are among the highest quality whirlpool baths available today. Our Bathtubs are designed to fit the budget of the average homeowner without sacrificing beauty, reliability, or comfort.

All Comfortflo bathtubs are constructed of the industry’s highest quality materials. Some items include genuine Lucite Acrylic surface to the all steel base and the motor mount.   Comfortflo Baths are manufactured to uncompromising standards. No shortcuts!

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