66x32EL Combo Bath


Need more leg room in your bathtub? This whirlpool/air (“combo”) bath has it. With 6 more inches of length than the standard 60 in., this tub has plenty of room for you to stretch out your legs, making it the perfect choice for taller individuals. If you have an alcove or island space larger than 60 in. but not quite long enough for a 72 in. tub, this tub might be exactly what you need. Its smooth acrylic surface makes it beautiful, easy to clean, and durable. 7 hydrotherapy jets, 3 of them dedicated to your back and 2 more on each side, and 16 air injectors turn this tub into a private oasis. Adjust the hydrotherapy jets for less or more pressure and point them at just the right spot to customize a massage to your needs, while the air injectors infuse the water with millions of massaging bubbles.

Made in America.

Bath is shown in optional jet/ trim packages. Comes standard in color of the tub.


  • 7 hydrotherapy spa jets, fully adjustable for pressure and direction
  • Fully adjustable whirlpool pump
  • Whirlpool Plumbed with rigid schedule 40 PVC
  • 16 air injectors with built in check valves to keep water from entering air lines
  • Variable speed heated air blower
  • Scratch resistant, non-porous.125 in. thick Acrylic. Thickest in the industry
  • Optional Heater available
  • Galvanized steel reinforced tub base
  • Quiet rubber cushioned motor mounts
  • Comfortflo promotes the use of bath oils, bubble bath, and other bath products
  • Molded in Texture, slip resistant tub floor for added safety
  • Reversible Drain
  • Drain options: Standard Drain or upgraded deep soak drain
  • Automatic purge cycle 20 minutes after blower is turned off evaporates remaining moisture in manifold and air lines


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