Whirlpool/Air Bath 60×60 CT

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Free up traffic flow in the center of your master bathroom by choosing the stylish 60 x 60 CT combination tub. This tub tucks neatly into any corner of the bathroom, and its spacious well has plenty of room for you and your partner—five feet of length for each bather as a matter of fact.

And the two of you will relax in comfort with all its built-in features: raised headrests to lay your head on, molded armrests to prop your arms against, and sloped backrests to recline against. Six whirlpool jets per bather ensure each of you receive hydrotherapy; three are installed in each seat for a vigorous back massage. Twenty-seven air jets are arranged in the floor to provide stimulating bubble action.

You can apply almost any finish material to a corner tub’s surround to fit any design scheme, from cottage/farmhouse to classic traditional to contemporary modern. The versatility of a corner tub like the 60 x 60 CT make it a top choice for any bathroom.

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Biscuit, Black, Bone, Glacier Mountain, Majestic Sky, Midnight Canyon, Pearl Shadow, Sierra, Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver Marble, Storm Clouds, Summer Sapphire, Tuscum Sun, White

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  • Genuine Lucite Acrylic
  • 12 hydrotherapy spa jets, fully adjustable for pressure and direction
  • 9-amp whirlpool pump
  • Jet pressure control included
  • Custom formed rigid PVC pipes designed to drain completely
  • 27 air injectors with built-in check valves to keep water from entering air lines
  • 8-amp heated air blower with 3 speed controller and pulsation feature
  • Automatic purge cycle 20 minutes after blower is turned off dries remaining moisture in manifold and air lines
  • Galvanized steel reinforced tub base
  • Quiet rubber cushioned motor mounts
  • Compatible with bath oils, bubble bath, and other bath products
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Specification Sheets
  • Dimensions: 60” x 60”
  • Water capacity: 75 min./85 max. gallons
  • Shipping weight: 200 lbs.
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