72×48 Premier Air Bath


This 72 in. x 48 in. two person Premier air bath has a large bathing area which allows bathers to sit side by side with extended leg room .Two sloping arm rests, recessed back air jets and detailed molding provide visually pleasing aesthetics. Our signature Top Overflow drain allows all Premier Series bathtubs to be filled within 2” inches from the top of the bathtub allowing a deeper soak. This air bath has 40 watertight air injectors that gently message your body with millions of effervescent bubbles. Each injector has an integral check valve that insures water never gets past the injector into any part of the air system. We highly recommend anyone purchasing an air bath review the differences between baths with air injectors and other manufacturer’s drilled holes and channel system air baths.

Made in America.

Tub is shown in optional jet/ trim packages. Comes standard in color of the tub.



  • 27 air injectors with built-in check valves to keep water from entering air lines
  • Variable speed 8 amp heated air blower
  • Scratch resistant, non-porous .125 in. thick Acrylic. Thickest in the industry
  • Optional Heater available
  • Galvanized steel reinforced tub base
  • Comfortflo promotes the use of bath oils, bubble bath, and other bath products
  • Molded in Texture, slip resistant tub floor for added safety
  • Reversible Drain
  • Automatic purge cycle 20 minutes after blower is turned off evaporates remaining moisture in manifold and air line


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