Air Bath 60×60 BX

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The Ultimate 2 person tub that provides air massage therapy through a blower system. This large bathtub with reversible drain allows for a lot of flexibility for designers, homeowners and contractors during planning and construction! A deep tub with a square 60 x 60 outside dimension has arm rests and grab bars to assist entering and exiting the bathtub. Multiple Air injectors are strategically placed in the walls and floor of the tub to massage the entire body. Often purchased options : Soaking bathtub Heater, Led Mood Light, Deep soak drain assembly. 

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  • Size: 60"x 60"
  • Blower Size: 8 amp, Variable Speed Blower
  • Purge Cycle: Activates twenty minutes after bath is switched off. Dries lines, manifold and injectors
  • Air Injectors: 182 air ports from 26 injectors
  • Injector Locations: Floor and walls of bathtub
  • Injectors have integral watertight check valves
  • Manifold System: Manifold contains check valve protection. Water never enters any part of the air system. Tub shown with optional Brushed nickel injectors.

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